a nice large swimming poolAquatic Engineering Services in Melbourne and Perth

Midas Sanderson Consultants offer specialised engineering services such as energy conservation, solar energy applications, cogeneration, essential safety measures, environmentally responsible design and aquatic engineering.

Comprehensive Aquatic Engineering Services from Sanderson Consultants

Midas Sanderson Consultants specialise in a variety of building services. Amongst these are the design and installation of recreational swimming pools, water-management systems and water features. Over the years, we have carried out in-depth aquatic engineering on a variety of projects for a wide range of sectors.

We offer aquatic engineering in Melbourne, Perth and elsewhere in Australia. Read on for more information about the specific services that we provide, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any specific enquiries.

Designing Sustainable Water Management Systems for Australia

The work that our aquatic engineering team carries out could easily go unnoticed, because it integrates seamlessly with the work that we do at large. But wherever potable water is piped in and wastewater is managed (as is the case in virtually every building where people meet to live and work), our team of aquatic engineers are ready to assist.  

We’re acutely conscious of how important it is that Australia’s water resources are properly managed – especially in places where water is already scarce, such as in WA. This makes aquatic engineering in Perth an especially important discipline.

In every water-management project that we approach, we give a great deal of thought to how to best design and implement the aquatic systems that our clients require. And sustainability is always a priority on the projects that we oversee.  

Swimming Pools for Community Centres, Residential Buildings and More

Our aquatic engineering services regularly come into play when we’re providing comprehensive building services for large community complexes, residential towers and educational facilities. In most cases, the expertise of our aquatic engineering team is required when a swimming pool is being installed as part of a complex.

We have extensive experience installing swimming pools in residential complexes and community centres. Our team will ensure that the pool is built to your precise specifications, liaising with Sanderson’s team of electrical engineers to facilitate the wiring, lighting and installation of the pump and filter.

Modern-day swimming facilities are more complex than ever before, and it takes an experienced team to ensure that all of the appropriate systems have been properly installed and integrated. Our multidisciplinary team can take charge of every aspect of this process – performing many of the tasks ourselves and overseeing those that need to be performed by a third party.

Installing Water Features across Australia

Another common reason to call upon our aquatic engineering team is to assist with the installation of water features for business parks, residential communities, retail plazas and more. Sanderson Consultants can take care of the intricate plumbing, lighting and water-recycling system that is required to fully implement your water feature.

For today’s consumers, it’s more important than ever before that the facilities they enjoy are sustainably designed. When it comes to designing and installing fountains, decorative ponds and other water features, this means that property developers are tasked with implementing innovative water management systems that facilitate full enjoyment without inflicting a heavy burden on the water supply and environment at large.

Aquatic Engineering

Midas Sanderson Consultants specialise in providing expert design and installation of recreational swimming pools. Over the years, we have completed aquatic engineering on many projects; council community pools, the education and residential sector.

Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD)

Sustainable design is a key priority in the development of today’s built environment. Midas Sanderson Consultants take a proactive approach to providing sustainable engineering design solutions. Securing today’s living standards and focusing on ensuring sustainable outcomes for our buildings and communities against rising energy, water and waste disposal costs.

Facilities Management (FM)

Midas Sanderson Consultants provides facilities management including life cycle planning, site handover and implementation documentation, energy management and daily operational management. Our team can also undertake detailed risk analysis, single point of failure, certification of systems and integration testing on projects involving mission critical systems.

  • Maintenance Management
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Essential Services Certification
  • Due Diligence Reporting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Plant Upgrades
  • Energy Management
  • FM Price Auditing
  • Engineering for Critical Installations

Communication Engineering

The communications engineering space is one which is complex and continues to have rapid advancements constantly. Midas Sanderson Consultants offer telecommunications, security, audio visual and building occupant warning systems. We maintain relationships with market leading manufacturers and embrace the latest tested technologies within our integrated designs.