Fire Engineering Consulting in Melbourne and Perth

Service_Picturebox_Fire-services_picture-2Midas Sanderson Consultants’ fire engineers work closely with clients, local authorities and fire brigades in meeting their key objectives – primarily reducing the non-negotiable safety of life risks such as:

  • Save life, protect property and preserve the environment and heritage from destructive fire;
  • Quantify the hazards and risk of fire and its effects;
  • Mitigate fire damage by proper design, construction, arrangement and use of buildings, materials, structures, industrial processes and transportation systems; and
  • Evaluate analytically the optimum protective and preventive measures, including design, installation and maintenance of active and passive fire and life safety systems, necessary to limit, within prescribed levels, the consequences of fire.

Fire Detection and Building Evacuation Design

Our team of fire engineers in Melbourne, Perth and elsewhere in the country can install state-of-the-art fire detection systems for buildings of any size. Ideally, our engineers will be involved from the earliest building stages possible, as this allows us to help plan evacuation routes, install evacuation lighting and ensure that the public address systems are laid out as they should be.

Fire Protection Services

Midas Sanderson Consultants fire services engineers’ have an intimate understanding of all the contemporary technologies, fire engineered solutions and the most recent advances ensures we engage both traditional design methodology and innovation to your project. This helps to achieve fit-for-purpose solutions that complement both client satisfaction and building compliance.

Fire suppression systems

  • Sprinkler systems
  • Deluge systems
  • Water mist systems
  • Hydrant and hose reel systems
  • Gaseous suppression systems
  • Pre-engineered systems.

Fire detection and alarm systems

  • Thermal detection – point type and liner heat detection
  • Smoke detection – photo-optical, ionisation and multi-criteria
  • Flame detection – ultraviolet, infrared, dual spectrum and triple infrared
  • High sensitivity aspirated smoke detection.

Midas Sanderson Consultants have the expertise to assist in property protection while maintaining international, national and local statutory codes and standards.