Comprehensive Consulting Engineering Services

One of our core strengths at Sanderson Consultants is our combination of engineering services. Our team of consulting engineers in Melbourne and Perth bring several distinct areas of specialisation to the table. And all of our engineers work in harmony to provide our clients with start-to-finish building services solutions.

Teamwork and communication are central to our service model. All of our projects are planned, managed and carried out in close cooperation with our clients’ teams. We make sure that we fully understand the scope of the work at hand before we get started, and then we operate according to a strict timeline and budget – controlling costs along the way – so that you aren’t left with any surprises when the project completes.

Comprehensive Range of Engineering Services

Our comprehensive suite of building services is made possible thanks to the Midas Engineering Group, which is made up of five distinct divisions:

  • Electrical Engineering
    Our electrical engineers understand how important it is that today’s buildings operate at peak efficiency when it comes to their electrical systems and equipment. Our team of engineers work closely with our clients to establish goals and create a plan of approach that ensures lasting use of the building and maximum profitability in the marketplace.  
  • Fire Engineering
    Our division of fire engineers are tasked with the design and implementation of effective fire suppression systems, including sprinklers, wall-wetting systems and emergency lighting. They can also assist with the planning and layout of evacuation routes to be used in case of a fire or other emergency.
  • Hydraulic Engineering
    Hydraulic engineers specialise in designing and maintaining systems related to the conveyance of fluids throughout the building. As such, their expertise is brought to bear for everything from storm-water management to tapping into natural gas lines. As always, our hydraulic engineers are committed to creating specialised plans that suit the specific needs of the client and the property that they are working with.  
  • Mechanical Engineering
    Our mechanical engineers are ready to assist with the design and implementation of mechanical systems. This division regularly works with building ventilation systems, air filtration, refrigeration systems and more. In every case, we make use of the most up-to-date technology so that the systems we design for you operate at the highest level of efficiency.  
  • Specialised Engineering
    Midas Sanderson Consultants also have a team of highly specialised engineers on staff. This division can take the lead on aquatic engineering projects – involving swimming pools, water features and more. They also work with solar energy applications and issues related to environmentally responsible design and energy conservation.

Our Engineers Have Australia’s Future in Mind
We take great pride in our ability to deliver innovative engineering solutions that are both highly functional and sustainable. As one of the leading teams of consulting engineers in Perth and Melbourne, we consider it our duty to ensure sustainable outcomes for the buildings and communities we work with. And at the same time, we’re also working to minimise the cost of energy, water and waste-disposal for our clients. Contact Sanderson Consultants today to learn more.

What differentiates Midas Sanderson Consultants from other firms is our unique combination of services. By integrating the skills and experience of our engineering staff across five divisions within the Midas Engineering Group, our teams bring greater efficiencies and service know-how to all client projects. We work as a dedicated team and as a result, projects are planned, managed and completed in a timely, on-budget manner with few surprises. As a single point of contact for engineering deliverables, we offer total responsibility and efficiency in controlling costs at every phase.

At Midas Sanderson Consultants we pride ourselves on delivering engineering excellence and in providing sustainable, functional and innovative design solutions to our clients.

Throughout the design process, we focus on safe, sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, whilst accounting for technical, economic, environmental, aesthetic and social aspects. The team at Midas Sanderson Consultants have a breadth of experience in all phases of building services engineering including:

Planning and design
Contract procurement administration
Safety Audits
Project Management
Facilities Management
Cost Planning
Essential Safety Measures Management.